The signature and quintessential IL SOGNO look, with its curved edges and minimal design.
It was introduced since the very beginning in 2005 and has become the benchmark for quality aluminium system in the market due to its versatility and reliability

Profile thickness: 1.5 – 2.5mm
Profile depth: 40 / 47mm


Sogno 50 is the natural extension to our standard system to meet the contemporary architecture challenges of larger dimension, heavier load and thicker glasses. Designed with Eurogroove Channel for unlimited possibilities of accessories range such as pivots and concealed hinges. Aesthetically, it also showcase a renewed look with elegant curves both inside and outside.

Profile thickness: 1.5 – 2.5 mm
Profile Depth: 50 / 57 mm


Inglesina refers to the old traditional English style windows fitted with transoms and mullions.
Our Inglesina Profile is aiming to recreate the historicalcharm of a traditional window which will be suitable for designs leaning towards classical architecture.

We provide 3 different Inglesina Profiles to choose fromin order to cater to various architectural design.
• Standard
• Firenze
• Ornamento


Our Standard Inglesina profile is a modern interpretation of traditional mullions with minimal decorative elements and simple rounded edges. Installation with rod joints and split glazing.

Profile width: 32 mm


Inspired by the old city of Florence, the wealthiest city of medieval Europe.Our Firenze Profile is exuding grandeur and classicism. It features sub-frame design with sharp central lines and ornamentation to accentuate the design of the profile thus enhancing the classical impression. Installation with rod joints, split glazing andadditional feature of click mechanism tosimplify glass installation procedure.

Profile Width: 35 mm


Our ornamental mullion profile exhibits the slimmestwidth for maximal view and a more feminine look.Double tape and sealant application, sandwichingthe full glass.

Profile width: 12 mm